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Originally posted by QDogg

Yoshi CD+1+2 usage. Allows for 3~4 to combo
CD+2 causes S! on normal hit. Unsure if safe/unsafe on block.
df+1,2 - the "2" is like f+2. Opponent spins on hit; if the 2 is CH, causes S! (I wonder if f+2 behaves this way now instead of crumple stun on CH)
ff+4 into BT 2 doesn't connect (perhaps D/F ws+4 or D/F info ws+1,2 S! connects)

More CD+2 and CD+1+2 usage in a combo (thanks Wonkey):
4~3, UF,n,4 3~4, CD+2 S!, CD+1+2 S! ff+2:2

Wow, a double Screw Attack in a single combo. That's awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Definitely gonna keep an eye on Wonkey's twitter then. Also, that's cool about the BT sidestep into more BT options. "Early 2017" can't come fast enough.