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Yoshi CD+1+2 usage. Allows for 3~4 to combo
CD+2 causes S! on normal hit. Unsure if safe/unsafe on block.
df+1,2 - the "2" is like f+2. Opponent spins on hit; if the 2 is CH, causes S! (I wonder if f+2 behaves this way now instead of crumple stun on CH)
ff+4 into BT 2 doesn't connect (perhaps D/F ws+4 or D/F info ws+1,2 S! connects)

More CD+2 and CD+1+2 usage in a combo (thanks Wonkey): https://twitter.com/Flying_Wonkey/s...264663489650688
4~3, UF,n,4 3~4, CD+2 S!, CD+1+2 S! ff+2:2
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