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I will stand by b+1+2, d+3+4 being the most satisfying mini-combo to hit in that game. Well, for me. Something about the 'Get the fuck down' *boom* 'and stay there' *crunch*. Only it would come out as more '...' '...' ':I' Because, like, Drag and all.

The force behind the animations are really well done. Nice damage again for two hits(especially on CH.) I'd love to see that slow-mo.

And yeah with that db+3 seeable aspect now, I think the cancel will get some mileage. Now that I'm actually seeing it used in real matches it's going to be fun to mess with.

I scribbled a Tekken Retrospective.
Originally posted by Kane:
they named it matterhorn because lili's uphill battle in tekken is the highest mountain to climb.