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Unamed character's low should now put him into a position that is no longer well in the opponents favour if he hits with it.

...So long as you can no longer ss~b after it to beat all mid and high attack options, which I assume the extra + frame is to make sure of. If not then the frame lets d/f+2,3 beat jab mashers consistantly, JU can ch i10 (lol), d+2,3 ch hc will be usable against non-crush/backswing blow characters at range 0, precise qcf+3 input out of recovery beats i10, and f+3 will trade with i11 magic 4's. Yay its busted.

Anyway, I think the neatest addition to Drag is the d/b+3 cancel-cancel. That situation in the link is pretty textbook, now only imagine it against a launch punishable ws move. I wonder just how fast it recovers compared to the whiffed grab.

b+1+2 looks like a ghetto wr2 now rofl. dash b+1+2 dash b+1+2. Already one of my favourite moves he has. Keeps his wall pressure brutal with T7 wall game. Standing damage like b+1+2 into jackboot stomp "mini-combos" feel really good to hit, with potential for slow-mo generating much hype. Which Drag has plenty of. Mini combos and hype that is.
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