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Decided to wake this forum up a bit. Could be some Drag fans that come around and might like to see some activity. I've sadly no access to the game still in Helsinki, the best lab work I can do is in Tag 2 which, well, won't be accurate for T7(totally, of course Drag's core is still there), and on top of it I've been busy as hell the past weeks with everything from RL and other projects(as well as getting involved in a FFXIV guild, where I'm not hardcore or anything but it takes up some time.)

Dug up some more fairly recent(within the last month or so) matches. Here's Qudans vs. Kkokkoma, Devil Jin vs. Dragunov. DvJ gets demoted to Seiryu. Kkokkoma is pretty good at landing those RAs with just enough health left to soak a hit. 17 matches that I counted(I may have missed one because there was some cut off video), but it was Kkokkoma: 11, and Qudans: 6.

The full video

qcf+1, f+4,4,3, b+4,3, f+3~df CDc, d+4,4, f,f+4(note: I don't know if the f,f+4 is guaranteed). Does full 50% without a wall. Happens at around 3.31 or so.
4:45-CH 1,2,1, b+2,1, f+1, b+4,3, W!

9:10: flop-bound recovery, Qudans recovers blocking high, d+3,4 hits home nothing special here but I just thought it looked cool. Poor DvJ never knew what hit him Nice SW-Launch from Kkokkoma here

12:54-a WS 2 combo that does a fuckload of damage Kind of cool I think-I'm pretty sure that db+3 fakeout is going to be fun to play with(particularly since he nailed the 2nd one he tried.) Follow up was pretty average damage but in this vid you see some huge damage coming from db+3. nothing special at all here but I sort of like b+1+2's +6 coming into play kinda nicely here. Can definitely fuck with people who have no idea and clearly even people who DO have an idea. Can't argue with a 2 hit that goes almost to the end of the lightning bolt(which has been estimated as 38% if I remember that graphic that had the damage numbers compared to the lightning bolt under the bar.)

Kkokkoma I know is one of the better Drag players in Korea(well, JDCR plays him very often as well but he's a sub for him, despite him having a really good one too).

I'll say it again though, Dragunov's damage is ridiculous in this, be it large or small combo. I'm confident he's going to make it to console intact, since he lacks that real injection of bullshit(unless you call 'high damage' bullshit, I don't unless you're like full of one-hit KOs or something silly)some of the other characters have. Besides we have certain characters who shall remain un-named with CH launching lows that are +5 on hit and not particularly bad enough on block.

I scribbled a Tekken Retrospective.
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they named it matterhorn because lili's uphill battle in tekken is the highest mountain to climb.