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Sorry for double posting but the previous post is hella old.

Here are some Asuka/Michelle setups (almost all of them will work with Jaycee too).

In the open, use b3,4 as a TA filler (make the first hit whiff) for a non-tech reset, you can either follow-up with b2,3,1, f1+2 to maximize dmg, or 2,1, 2,1,1+2 to rebound them if they back roll. If they tech, you can f2 cancel into mixups or dash in and do the 1+2/d1+2 mixup.

b2,1+2,4 as a TA filler is great for Changs. Do this with six hits before bound (excluding the launcher), or with five hits but with five hits you have to deep dash and wait a second with the filler. The first hit should hit and the rest should whiff. If you do b3,4 immediately after that, it's a tech trap where they can't block the second hit, like after ws4. If they figure it out, mix it up with ff1, ff2 and b1+2.

You can use b1+4,3 in the open as a non-tech reset, I follow it up with ff1, d,df1~4, ROL 1, d,df1~4 ROL 1+2 to rebound if they back roll. You get a spike if they just lie there (inferior to df1 though). When they start tech-rolling, ssl with Michelle/Jaycee and you're at the perfect war drums spacing. Mix it up with b1+2.

At the wall, you can use d,df1~4, b3,4 as a TA filler, time it so the first hit (b3) hits unscaled. If they don't tech, you can b4,2, B! b2,1,4 for a nice reset. If they start tech-rolling, dash in and do the d1+2/3+4 mixup. Or be creative and use something that you prefer.

Here is something with the seesaw toss grab (Michelle only):
d,db1+3~5, W! d2~5, TA! uf3+4, d3+4, W! 1+2+3+4, df3+4,3+4,1+2 (ultimate tackle), 1,2,1,2,1, db4,3

At the wall when I don't want to use TA I do b4,2, B! b2,1,4~5, fff2+4 for tech-rollers, buffering is the same like the raw tag slide.

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