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Originally posted by mhou
Law just keeps spamming ff3 and db4,4
ff3 is such a cheap move, ss the kick requires precise timing. The frame data says it's -15 on block but I'm pretty sure it's a + frame. Any good idea than spacing and whiff punish this crazy kick?

Yeah, law f,f+3 can be kinda hard to deal with, given that its range is modifiable, it can lead to DSS (notably DSS 1+2 or f+1 for dealing with highs), and as a rage counter hit, it takes away around 50% health.

If you block it, stay safely away. You could try kazuya's f+1+2 sabaki or heihachi's raijin stance if you expect a punch from DSS. If you feel another f,f+3 coming from DSS, heihachi's b+1+4 is nice to introduce some fear.

Stepping is better always though.

Dragon's tail sucks (except when you dont use the flipkick followup and instead do an u/f+3+4 on the opponent's face). Just practice seeing it and blocking.
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