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Since I've been quite busy I haven't had too much time to do stuff here, so let me pop in a couple of videos I found(and am in the process of getting some combos from. I did manage to get a few combos recorded at least.) Orange vs. Help Me, Dragunov vs. Lars for about 45 minutes. They're pretty much neck and neck with Help Me's Lars taking 9 wins to Orange's 7(I think Dragunov is an alt of Orange IIRC, unless he swapped from Jin, I'm not sure.)


His Dragunov isn't too high ranked yet so he's sort of roflstomping people kinda below the station but it's some Dragunov stuff. (It repeats after like 13 mins, so not really much here, just a couple of fun combos mixed in.)

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I scribbled a Tekken Retrospective.
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they named it matterhorn because lili's uphill battle in tekken is the highest mountain to climb.