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Ehm, his only safe launcher is 23 frames. It a great move, but you can't use it the same way as the safe generic df+2. His ch capabilities may really make him a launch festing fun guy provided your opponent push buttons. Df+2 kills his momentum why not just use ewhf? You'd want him to try to duck anyway, and it has better better range. Jin also sucks prolonged at that range as most can outpoke him when he "used up" his 2,1, so I usually space out with 1,2,4 or something so I can try to bait a whiff or ch f+4~f. You'd want the hit box of his move to be in front of him so it's difficult to ch him out of it. df+2 is beatable by standing 4 in any range it will hit unless you're plus 4(or 3?) which everyone sees coming, and then it becomes unsafe anyway because it tracks bad and can be ss punished. In any situation I can think of, ewhf is better.

As for CD+1, its a really good mid launcher, but unless you're completely sure it would hit you can just go for d+1 to bait punch parry if it gets blocked(cd1 would probably get blocked too if this happens, just 1-2 frames faster on perfect input) or dash d+2 for 50 or something damage if it hits. It's not that much less than a full Jin combo compared to the damage some characters can deal if cd+1 gets blocked. It evens out quite well I think.

Point is, you could try to make him a launch fest and succeed, but there's not really no need for it, and if someone struggle to whiff punish with cd+1 and d+3+4 and gets punished for that, it helps to know he has other safer options to use unless completely sure.
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