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And here we go. Decided to just post this stream's worth of vids up anyway since i was already in the middle of it.

Knee plays vs. a Dragunov which he actually loses to while playing Claudio. Went the full time so decided to pop it up: Check out the round 2 combo from Drag-CH WR2, WS4, f+1, f+4,4,3, W!, 4,3, FB!, 4,4, WS1+2. I wonder if he could have gotten a stomp in as well, it looked like he could have?

Has a rematch: (Wins this but goes to the full time again)

His Dragunov segment starts here:

Vs. Shaheen x 2(1 win, 1 loss):

Vs. Shaheen x 2 more(1 loss, 1 win)

Vs. King:

(Note: There's a CPU Leo segment in the middle here that's probably worth watching)

Vs. Law x a bunch:

He did about 10 Law battles or so, maybe more. I think I miscounted once as I was going through them. Won far more than he lost.
(As an aside I want to know where Knee gets that little River City Ransom looking Bryan Fury icon.)
Here is a player Peichan playing Dragunov for about 12 minutes. Does some nice combos(including a nasty balcony break at the start. What I love about these is I really feel they aren't optimized yet...)

I scribbled a Tekken Retrospective.
Originally posted by Kane:
they named it matterhorn because lili's uphill battle in tekken is the highest mountain to climb.