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I've mained Jin since his T4 revamp. He's a ruthless savage and a great balance of power and speed. I've heard Jin described as a poker but I think he's optimised for punishment with his parry and easy CH combos, like CHdb4 b3 b3 b3~1,2 and CHdb2,3 (dash) b3~1,2.
He has good oki too with d4 and (in my opinion) the best back roll catch in the game, b2,1 (for a free db2,2,3) and of course 2,4 - a ruthless punisher.
This is great for solo combat, and I can't wait for T7 when Jin will no doubt resume being an indestructible master of war.

So what's your point, dude?
TTT2 Jin is pretty much F-tier with his laughable bound options and lack of taggable launchers, and I'm tired of getting crucified online.
WS2, the uppercut my grandmother sees coming, is blocked 90% of the time, and d3+4 is launch punishable by a whole host of characters.
I feel this is a problem with Jin and not my playing, based on my 100% win rate against other Jin players online (rare as they are).

I feel like f4~f CDS1+2 could work but I can't get it to connect, is that option possible? With Jin on point with Kaz I can get a 97dmg red life juicer, but I can never implement it online - even as a whiff punish most characters can recover quickly enough to block d3+4.

I'm not posting in the ask thread because I want to start a discussion on the philosophy of launching with Jin. What are your thoughts?

Ps - does anyone have a better red life juicer than:
[Kaz]EWGF~5 [Jin ] 3,1 1,3~3B! b3~fCDS1,2