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Tyler 2k's vids! Vs. Lili(I'm guessing at the start you were asking to test backswing by the look) Some stuff going on the little screen Vs. Steve Vs. Paul x 2 Vs. Kat Vs. Lili x 2

(Not Tyler): Vs. Kazuya(mostly experimenting stuff)

(Back to Tyler) Vs. Feng x 3 (b+4,3, 4,3, floorbreak, 4,4, S! is just mean and I wonder if more can be done there, seemed like the axis needs some re-adjusting) Testing on Ling Vs. Bryan x 2(Punch parry looks about the same at a glance-ina has no frame changes-basically same ol' same ol?)

...Backswing really is ridiculous now isn't it?

And yeah his damage still makes me smile in this. I mean-stuff isn't fully optimized yet. I love WR2 even more now so much, you either get the follow up game or a stomp depending. (And that's only on NH.) I think I love the +6 b+1+2 as well too and I haven't even used it yet. You aren't kidding about the Forgotten Realm btw.
I should probably make more comments on all of these vids in all the posts. Will try to do that more on other free time.

Also Bopper: Would have to try it perhaps! Haven't seen it done yet. I wonder if I can say 'I have an arcade' if I get an empty cabinet, scribble 'Pit Fighter' on it in marker and take a picture under a neon Budweiser sign wearing a quarter apron and flashing a thumbs up so I can order a T7 cabinet.

I scribbled a Tekken Retrospective.
Originally posted by Kane:
they named it matterhorn because lili's uphill battle in tekken is the highest mountain to climb.