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Work in progress!

- d/b+2 is now -13 on block and +4 on hit
- b+2,3 has changed to something new, 2nd hit is mid and is a Screw Attack (S!)
- can forward dash cancel from d/f+1,2 (d/f+1,2 ~ ff)
- b+1+2 unblockable charge has been changed to d/b+1+2 input
- Ultimate Tackle can now only be done from crouch
- 1,2,3,f+4 removed
- b+2,4 ~ etc removed. Including the 10 hit combo from it.
- First hit of Devil Jin's Hellsweeps knockdown on normal hit. Can juggle from it.
- New ff+3,1,2 move, last hit looks like DVJ's u/b+2 homing move
- Now has Angel's f+3+4 from TTT2. Is done in Tekken 7 by ff+3+4
- Animation change on 2+4 grab, Now looks like Angel's 2+4 grab in TTT2.
- b+4 knocksdown again. Is now -11 on block.
- b+1,2 is now -14 on block.
- ws+2 is the same as TTT2's but it puts the opponent in an auto Screw state so you can't use a screw attack in the combo to extend it.

These are his Screw Attacks:


Rage art is b+1+2 and d+1 is his Power Crush.

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