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I wanted to compile together some Dragunov matches from Youtube.

Given that there were lots from the earlier releases, I wanted to narrow down 'Stuff After Mid-March' or around the official release.

This sort of thread I think might die out a bit after T7's western release, but for now I think it might be interesting to have, and in a separate spot from all of the heavy tech threads and such so it doesn't clutter them up.

Many of these matches showcase Dragunov's massive, massive damage potential. Just touching an enemy nowadays usually renders 50+% of their lifebar gone pre-wall or pre-stomp.

I decided to post the fights like this in case people wanted to see particular matchups, fights vs. the CPU for more messing around, etc(in Knee's stream anyway, most of the rest are vs. stuff.)

Knee's Stream, 3/30/2015

Note: Knee sometimes experiments in these matches, and they aren't always full-bore competition, but the experimenting is honestly what I like to see. Also spoiler alert; the announcer says his full name again finally! Dragunov Matches Start. End about 4h19 mins.

3:42:20 vs. Hwoarang

3:44:00 vs. CPU Leo

3:47:13 vs. CPU Claudio

3:48:40 vs. Kazuya

3:52:25 vs. Feng

3:55:40 vs. Kazuya(x2, with Kaz revenge matching)

4:02:33 vs. CPU Claudio

4:03:45 vs. CPU Lili

4:05:35 vs. CPU Heihachi

4:07:00 vs. Law(did his new elbow launcher beat a PC or was that just some of the random slowdown the game gets?)

4:09:15 vs. CPU Heihachi

4:11:30 vs. Alisa(x2, with Alisa revenge matching. Knee does a lot of WR2-Stomp floor breaks in the second match which does a chunk alone and then can tailspin after.)

4:17:3X vs. CPU Kazumi

I didn't really add much commentary to these except for the odds and ends, though there's definitely some nice stuff in these, I'm more concentrating on getting them sort of collected first.

Working on getting the Kumite stuff together now. I'll expand the post.

I scribbled a Tekken Retrospective.
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they named it matterhorn because lili's uphill battle in tekken is the highest mountain to climb.