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That's an amazing find ghirlanda. I've never seen a Ganryu / Eddy team. Do you have more combos you can post of them?

Edit: I have some:

Ganryu ff+1+2~5 Eddy b+3,3~5 Ganryu b+4,1 B! Eddy SS uf+3+4, Ganryu iWR 1+2

Ganryu df+2, b+4,1 B! Eddy wait 3,4, Ganryu uf+1+2~d~CC df+4,1,2

Ganryu b+1+2 W!, backdash 1,2 reW! 2,1,2 B! Eddy 3,4, Ganryu hcf+2 (hit low wall hit) 100 damage

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