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Originally posted by autoswitched
Alright, I can otgf like 80% of the time, same with ewgf, however I cannot use it in combos. I can use it as tag enders i.e. otgf into deathfist or ewgf, however I can't seem to do the following:

Ewgf after an Otgf.

So the combo is supposed to look like this: Ewgf, otgf, ewgf. But after the Otgf I seem to either drop the combo, or the ewgf doesn;'t come out (The correct notation is there f, n, d. d/f+2). Any tips? Yes yes I know this isn't needed but I like to maximize my damage, plus it looks cooler

To help turn on the recovery option in practice and it will tell you when heihachi has recovered from the electric and thats when you have to input the otgf. It helped me to learn the timing and eventually it will become muscle memory.