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Just by watching those two matches I can tell that you didn't optimize Feng's wall carry. You opted to go for the f+4,3 bound when you could've done f+3,4 for the wallsplat to extend combo damage but whatever. You also tried to attack after your opponent blocked Feng's d+2 and it cost you a round. And to go back to the 4~3 which we were talking about before, you got launched in the first match for missing it - that's why I said you should be cautious when using it. Your 4~3, u/f+2 combination didn't work, either.

In the video, you said that you don't like to go for Feng's launch punishable lows but I saw quite a few d/b+4s for some reason. I think you should definitely use more d/b+3 since it can't be blocked on reaction (d/b+4 can and WILL be blocked on reaction) and though it's also launch punishable, it's only -15 as opposed to d/b+4 which is -21 on block. d/b+3 also has greater range, is +4~+5 on hit and you can crouch cancel into another one. You should also use d+4 a lot. Basically, use all of Feng's lows excessively except for d/b+4 which you ironically used the most in those matches.