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The idea is in tournament that things are so clutch that you have to play at the best of your game 100% of the time since you only have a couple of matches to prove yourself. There's no denying that the best tournament performing Capos tend to run double Capos... Neither of us (and most players worldwide, honestly) plays tournament as often as someone as Aris does (who it seems pretty much only wants to play tournament and doesn't really seem to want to play matches outside of that). Just thinking about my TT2 experience, I have 11,000+ arcade matches (spanning two TT2 cards), 700 or so online matches and like, less than 50 tournament matches under my belt.

Obviously having a different character is fun but double Capos can also be quite enjoyable.

However, in long sets outside of a tournament situation I feel double Capos are quite a lot harder to use than people give credit for... like you mentioned in your post, its easier to get stuck in habits with them.

For the record my main team is not double Capos either.
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