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My two cents:

How many characters can even punish df+2? I remember Bryan as being one of the only ones, but rewatching Misty vs. Knee's TC match and Knee doesn't even try to punish it once... this is the Knee who punishes everything. I'd say if you're not against a Jack/Marduk etc. who really wants to punish it, just poke it at max range and duck if they try to jab retaliate.

Having RLX 4~3 parried shouldn't stop you from doing RLX 4~3... low parry combos are like nothing. Also from what I've seen of players who always go for the parry, a good number of them will choose to duck in clutch RLX situations so that's knowledge you can use against them. Also a lot of them forget to punish RLX 3 or RLX 1...

Float juggle is like low parry, its not threatening enough and depending on how you're getting floated, just do different moves.

I use RLX 2 a lot, I find it works well against people holding sidewalk. Though I guess it would make sense it could be stepped.

If they're pressing a button immediately after b+1,4, you can finish the string...
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