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I highly recommend Hao. For one, I learned that Feng's f+2,1,2 is a good oki tool or move to toss out near walls since it is a counter-hit confirmabale wallsplat. often has Hao VS Knee or Hao VS whoever.

I don't see Help Me! much at all. Think he just picked up Feng for fun on the side, while his "real" teams to the real big boy work.

The frames on a blocked 4~3 vary, there is no real way of telling what it is on block, so I treat it like it is 0 on block, even frames. Feng can often be at a frame disadvantage after 4~3 is blocked. So do the math: df+1 is 14 frames, and a random hopkick from the opponent is 15 frames, and the 4~3 can be pretty bad on block sometimes.

It is possible to tell if 4~3 is definitely, for sure plus on block, like after your typical post bound f+3,4 into oki 4~3 combo setup.

Because of 4~3's crush and safety, I have been known to toss out yet another 4~3 after a 4~3 is blocked. I also like to mixup 4~3 with QCF+1.

I appreciate your input, but just be aware that 4~3 followed by a df+1 is not a very good idea, usually. Sometimes I follow it up with uf+4 if I suspect they might duck, only a frame difference.

But yeah, uf+2 will beat out Jun Can-Can Kicks, d+3+4, when 4~3 is highly negative on block. I got promoted that way! I got a promotion chance VS an Asuka/Jun, and it came down to that. 4~3 is great VS players who rely on reversals like Jun, since it can not be reversed. But, of course, it is always better to just wait for the reversal to whiff and then launch punish it if you can predict it.