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Good evening

the groups are now online.

check them out here: ->>> BTC V 2014 tournament brackets

Also we will offer you 2 side events!

side event #1 - Clash Coins (CC) -

We are very happy to introduce a new system called “Clash Coins” to you guys.

Every attendant gets 3 CC at the registration.

You can put your coins on the line and play against other players. Your opponent has to go with the same amount if he agrees on the stake. The winner takes the “money” from his opponent.

Participants will play ft3 sets.

The amount of coins you are willing to stake is your free choice. You can go the safe route with a small amount or go “All In” and wager your entire stake.

Of course you can also play for CC during your tournament matches. Maybe we will see a grand final with a play for high stakes?

The 3 players with the most coins at the end of the day will get some extra prices.

With this system even players who got eliminated early from the main tournament still have the chance to win something.

You also have the chance to bet your “money” on players if you want to.
Just call an amount of coins you want to bet on someone. If another spectator wants to go along with it he just has to confirm the bet. The winner of the bet gets the set the amount of coins that were agreed upon before the match.

We think, that this is the perfect system to create a more competitive atmosphere during casuals. Of course, if you just want to play some easy matches you don’t have to play for coins.

side event #2 - Master of Asuka -

For all the Asuka lovers out there we will organize a single elimination tournament with just one character. Yeah, you guessed right… it´s Asuka.

Participants will have to play ft2 sets.

Everyone has the chance to participate. The winner will get the following Asuka statue.

Beside the price it´s THE big chance to prove, that you are the best Asuka player at BTC V. ;-)

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