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Originally posted by Ayos Mishima
I'm looking at b,3,3 combos at the end of a wall carry juggle after a bound (not a wall bound, just a bound that is far from the wall then a W!)

for double capos it looks like
b3,3~5 b,3,3~5 df2 is guaranteed

for Eddy/Lars
b3,3~5, db2, 1, shoulder is guaranteed

for Eddy/Bruce
b3,3~5, db2,1,4

Anybody have one for Jack 6?

Please post your best ones you've discovered.

Sorry man, that doesnt work. b+33~5 db+2,1 works, and b+33~5 shoulder works. If you try b+33~5 db+2,1 into shoulder, they can tech the last hit.

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