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Try these:
df+2, f+4,4,3, f+1, f,f+2 B!, Hei f+3+4,2,1, Drag f+3~ws+1+2_f,f+3
W! f,f+2 B!, Hei f+1,b+2,4, Drag 3,1,2

Other way around im not as sure whats best. This should work:
EWGF, f+3, df+1, b,f+2, d+1 B!, Drag SS f+4,4,3, Hei f,f+3+4,2,1

As for wall maybe this one?
W! d+1 B!, drag f+3~CDc b+2,1,3, Hei b+3,3 or just B! with df+1,2 and skip the f+3.
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