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(No specific order - Personal assessment)
1). ff1 = Safe, quick, has a high follow up, pressure
2). Mad Axes = Part of the reason one plays Michelle in TTT2
3). SS2 = High crush, safe mid, leaves Michelle crouching for possible FC mix up
4). Bow and Arrow = NC if the low connects first which very difficult for opponents to address, even if they are knowledable.
5). Shot Gun~follow ups = Safe mid punch into possible mix up / Pokes / Combo tool / Possible mix up
6). f3~follow ups / df2~3~follow ups = The secondary reason one plays Michelle
7). qcf2 = Whiff punish, high crushing launch that is safe on block
8). wr1 = Plus frames on block / Very good pressuring tool
9). ff1+2 = Whiff punish, safe on block
10). isw/wr2+4 = ... Why not?

Honorable mentions
*) ws3 = Safe, homing mid for knockdown
*) db1+21 = The second hit is a high but there is glitch that allows Michelle to tag out even on block.
*) ff3 = Good whiff punisher
*) d3 = Quick, unseeable low
*) SS3 = Nasty safe mid kick that wall splats
*) SS3+4 = A trick launcher that is relatively safe due to push back and back flip but requires discretion.
*) df3 = Another remedy for random crouchers as it forces them to stand. Buffer Mad Axes if you can.
*) df1 = A quick annoying mid.

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