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d/f+3 - Has a low hitbox and can be a keep away move....kinda like a shitty version of d/f+2. I remember I scored a close knockdown on someone and purposely used d/f+3 right next to him, and as he whiffed a get up mid kick he stood up right into a RLX mix-up. d/f+3 directly into HSP d+3 is ok I guess but otherwise it's a pure gimmick move like a bunch of other shit.

3+4 - Terrible move by itself. 3+4~3 is ok because it's +1 on block tho.

3~4 3+4 - The HSP variant of this move is useful...but only after a ss2,4 wall splat.

d/b+3,4 - Only variant of that string that matters. Why use anything else?

Does anyone ever use u/b+1+2 as a keep out move? It is deceptively hard to hit Capos when they are doing it. Surprisingly good at the start of the round if opponent tries anything like a df+2 or something.