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Originally posted by yoloswag
What moves track to Marduks left?i know that df1 and d3 atleast track.

Another q... How good is marduks game against lockdown character aka long range game?


(Those 5 moves have been tested on Lili)

And b2 & ff+4 are totally homing, + the f+1+3 / f+2+4 throws.

Also, VTS3 and VTS d+1+2 sometimes have some tracking but the hitboxes are not too reliable for that.

Originally posted by Fergus
After 1+3 air throw, what are my options for oki?

The opponent is Face Down Feet Towards, if you mind a BackRoll, you can run in his back and do WS3 to launch him.
The risk is that the opponent may do a Get Up Kick 3 Low, but if the timing is good, by doing df to enter crouch state, you will Low Parry him.
In the worst case, you'll be eating a Get Up Kick 4.

In case he stays grounded, WS3 hit grounded as well.

The safest thing to do is a Side Walk to your right :
It will make whiffs Get Up kicks, Tag Crashes, and you may keep up the pressure if they stay grounded or side roll.