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Originally posted by Hades Drops
does anyone have exp with Miguel as partner? wall damage and Jin assist is pretty decent but all i can get with Miguel TA seems crap. really interested in that team though
It's my second main team. TA damage in the open is decent, as long as you bound with the third hit. This will allow Miguel to do his 2,1~SAV1,2,1 filler. End the combo with running 3 or EWHF. Example:
JIN: CH EWHF, CD into WS+4, f+1,3~3 B! MIG: 2,1~SAV+1,2,1 JIN: fff+3/EWHF

If you want the best damage, you should just tag buffer to Miguel whenever possible. His staple juggle does a lot more than Jin's. For Jin's TA you should use slight ssr, 1,2,4 and end the combo with a running 3/shoulder.