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Df 4 isn't really that great of a move. The tracking is bad and the damage isn't worth it. Idk if by 3 you mean standing or neutral 3, or df 3, but standing 3 is a high that doesn't give much reward besides a decent chunk of damage. Against hwo db 1,2 is your friend as well as ub 1. if hwo gets to 0 range just db 1,2 if they are wanting to stay or pressure you. ub 1 is 13 frames so it's fast enough to get a counter at that range so the hwo player should stay back bc of the threat of the counter ub 1,2 which could net you a 90 plus damage combo depending on your team. Jinpachi's throws are really a threat as well, you get great oki from both normal throws 1 and 2 (check out offinbeds awesome oki breakdown) and if the hwo player tries to jump with those freaking stances, pachi has an air throw so you can cover alot with just the throws but be sure to mix them up with ff 1+2. As a pachi player you need to be dirty...and I mean really dirty fly 4 mix with fly 2 (low, mid). db 2,1, u4, d3, d 2,1, AND DF 1+2!!!! THAT MOVE CAN NEVER BE STRESSED ENOUGH, it's border line broken but those are all good moves at around 1.5 to 2 range but they have a slow startup about 18-20ish frames so keeping them out is a priority. You can use what I've posted kinda as a base for jinpachi, it will work for most of the cast but learning what you can just regular punish with pachi as well as an opponents high moves that you can duck in their strings so you can wiff punish will truly take your pachi to the next level. Hope that helps somewhat. :3
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