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I need Furumizu's wall TA! combos with Drag/Lei.

Right now I use W! Dragunov f,f+2 TA! Lei 3,b, PHX 3,3, Drag f,f+3 because Dragunov post wall TA! b+4,2 always messes up for me.

Thinking of using Lei W!, df+1+2 TA! Dragunov 4,3, Lei f+3,1, ub+4, but not sure if that is best.

If you want to post some open stage combos that would be nice too, but I have some already:

Drag df+2, 4,1, 1,3,2 TA! Lei long delay f,f+3,4, Drag f,f+3

Lei df+2, f+3,1, f+2, f,f+2 TA! Drag f+4,4,3, Lei f,f,f+3


Lei df+2, f+2, 1+2,1, BT 4,4 TA! Drag b+4,3, Lei f,f,f+3