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Originally posted by Skeering
Oh my god he's possibly the most annoying character sorry. I don't mind the "troll" moves etc. What bugs me about him is his sheer size during game play. He has the weirdest hit box issues and half the time you can't clearly see his arms to break grabs etc.

So yeah, of my own volition I say good riddance. But of course, some damnable deus ex machina transition might be thrown in to give him his own precious reliquary treatment into T7, much as it appears for Jun.

those hit boxes hurt him a lot more then help him. Sure his throws are difficult to see but i think that's more then balanced by the fact that he may very well have the worst lows in the game bottom 5 for sure The're all crap on block and the ones that lead to damage are really bad on block. I would gladly give up unseeable throws for a better low game. Just take a couple block frames off here and there.