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Been seeing lots of Korean Fengs use 3,3>4 as their Feng solo wall combos if bound was used before the wall. Great damage with the last hit delayed to hit low wall, and great oki with Feng going BT.

Just want to toss this technique out there for any Fengs who might not use this technique for their CH QCF+1 combos:

CH QCF+1 (hold 1), f,f,N,4, db+2~Tag (release 1), then use your TA!, etc.

I always like holding down the 1 button when using QCF+1. It makes the CH QCF+1 combos so much easier, since they have two double button press inputs that involve a 1+ something else. It makes the CH QCF+1 combos really easy, just a matter of timing the dash.

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