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Steve CH b+1,b, ext f+3,1, df+1,2,1, f,f+2 (TA!) Jin long SSL, 1,2,4, Steve f,f, df+1+2 (95 pts)

Steve f+3,2, df+1, df+1,2,1, f,f+2 (TA!) Jin f+1,2,4, Steve f,f, df+1+2
Steve's f+3,2 has them off axis left. I suppose you could SSR. I use df+1, df+1,2,1, it's easier than with the FLR 1 and only 1 point less.

Jin uf+4, b+2,1, f+1,3~3 (TA!) Steve 3,1,1, Jin f,f+1,2,4 (79 pts)
Very important not to press any directions with Steve's TA! in this combo, it drops if you do. Just do the 3,1,1 ASAP.

Jin f,f+2 (W!), 1,2,3 (TA!) Steve QCF+1,b, 3,1,1, Jin df+1,4 (97 pts)
3-hit wall bound moves work well with this Steve TA!, making it hit low wall.

Steve 3+4,2, (W!), f+2,1,b, FLR db,N,1,2 (TA!) Jin slight delay, b,f+2,1,2, Steve 3,1,1 (99 pts)
Massive! And without a 3,1,1 re-wallsplat.

Jin CH 4, Item Move Red Fan, u+1+4~Tag (TA!) Law iWS+2, Jin b+3, b+3, b+3,f,1,2 (79 pts)
And if they hit the wall, you can dash up to the wall and db+2,2,3! Remember, online ranked they allow all items!

Law 3+4 (W!), f,f+4,3 (TA!) Jin db+2,2,3, Law f+2,f+2,1+2 (87 pts)
Only 4 points less than my staple wall combo with Law f+1+2 wall bound. Remember, Law has to use f,f+4,3 sometimes, like after 2,2,1,2 or f+1+2 at the wall.

Law's f+2,f+2,1+2 is a very respectable wall combo ender from Tekken 5.

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