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Any tips on landing the delayed ub+12~f FLY < 34 in long juggles? I have a hard time getting the timing consistently. It's probably just practice, calming nerves, and getting used to the awkwardness of it, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice for landing it more consistently.

Sample Juggle 1
Pachi: df2, u4, b1+2~5 TA! Leo: f+3~d BOK 12. Pachi: ub+12~f FLY < 34

Sample Juggle 2
Pachi: df2, u4, b1+2~5 TA! Leo: BOK 12. Pachi: df2, ub+12~f FLY < 34

The second juggle ((Using Leo's 2-hit filler, followed by Pachi df2, ub12 etc) is a tiny bit easier than the first juggle (using 3 hit filler, straight into ub12 etc)
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