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I think a quick tag out (not that anyone quick tags from grounded, at least not right away from Capos) ends up counting as a quick back roll, so you get a combo as they try to get out. Thats what I *remember*... unfortunetly I don't have a console anymore so its hard for me to confirm.

I would double check the RLX4 punishing tag crash at the wall after b+3,3. I really don't see that working if the opponent does an instant tag crash (which is the only tag crash situation you can prepare for realistically in practice mode, punishing delayed tag crash honestly relies a lot more on experience).

Honestly the biggest problem with Capos I feel was how tag crash beats RLX at the wall so well, especially after spikes d+2,3 and b+4,4~d. W! b+3,3 you can use a RLX roll if the b+3,3 hits the opponent high enough on the wall (d+3~3 I guess would be the same). b+3,3~5 doesn't seem to work. Thats all from memory but I haven't seen anything to convince me that there is a way to beat tag crash other than not being in RLX at the wall.
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