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I'll test what you mentioned next time I get a chance to practice mode (maybe tonight?)

On the things you mentioned, I've done a lot of testing in the past, I'll share what I've found.

1. The moment an opponent tag crashes they will hit you out of a successful reset.
2. I think I posted these above (at least with Christie). Anyway off the top of my head, the best way to punish after Christie's 1 or 2 throw is to just time a sidestep and go for a back throw or b+3,3 in the back. The only other way I remember is doing b+2 which will avoid the tag crash but not do anything Maybe b+4 into some extension to work but I worry it might be too slow.
3. b+3,3 at the wall allows you to avoid tag crash with the RLX roll (RLX u or d) but you don't get anything. Other possible options that I don't remember if they work or not are RLX 3+4, RLX 4~3, RLX f+3+4, or b+3,3~5. d+2,3 just doesn't work with anything, unfortunetly.
4. After d+2,3 roll back and punish tag crash with ws+3 (very consistant). Which floats are you referring to?
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