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Originally posted by SridharsVs
I recently picked up Marduk and I have a little confusion about his ground throw d/b+1+3.

So, if d/b+1+3 combos, Marduk cant re-juggle the opponent and bind them right?? He can only get a free jump stomp. After the jump stomp he gets a GUARANTEED 50-50: Another ground throw or a D/F+31 launch. Is that it??

Hell no!! After the Jump Stomp, the opponent can always back roll to avoid both GT and D/F+31. But then he gets a free VTS Tackle to the back. But again, the opponent can always Tag Crash if its a Tag Juggle.

So, its never a 50-50. Marduk has four options: VTS forward if the opponent backrolls, VTS backward and WS+3 for Tag Crashes, GT for grounded or side rolling opponents and finally D/F+31 for quick rise.

d/b+1+3 GT is weaker than I thought