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Originally posted by defcon
@Shotokan: curious about why you have b2 (i22 -2/+8/JG) on your top 10 over f3 (i18/ -3/KD/JG)? Theory-crafting aside, I'm interested in your specific experiences that lead you to put such a premium on b2.

lol so this response is over a year old... apologies didn't notice it!

My reasoning for having b+2 over f+3 is the fact that it has awesome frames and good tracking. f+3 is a different, linear sort of whiff punisher/safe mid to throw out but Hei already has better options than f+3 for that purpose, there is d+1+2 for moves that leave the opponent ducking (ie: crouch jab) and there is EWGF for moves that leave them standing.

Both give the same combo starter stun but b+2 has really good frames, looks like d/b+2 and has very good tracking on it. More reason to use that over f+3 IMHO.
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