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Originally posted by lizanias
Speaking of weird situations I repeated the same setup near the wall, and this setup becomes blockable in a way I didn't expect at all. I used Christie & Eddy, did the TA 3~4,3, then when the controls was back to Xtie I pressed 3~4, but her low sweep was blockable just by holding back after tech rolling. The low sweep made a contact from the enemy's front side but it was blockable. It was like Namco made auto guard to prevent people from using Tag Assaults to attack low and mid at the same time(unblockable, the MvC3 way).

Yeah, this is something I found a long time ago (with other setups). Like, I would try B! (TA Christie b+4,3,3), the second hit of the string would whiff, the opponent would tech, and then the last mid would make contact with them. So I would try doing a low at the same time with my point character. But what I found is the opponent can block both by just holding back... I can see why Namco did that, but it does kind of suck for us

But hey, this tech trap hits them in the back, so it should not be an issue! I really need to try with this.

BTW, you shouldn't be able to sideroll a qcf+3 reset if done properly, the only options are to tech roll or (in this game) tag crash (I have quite a few setups for qcf+3 resets after TAs with Hwoarang). But I don't think its worth setting up a reset in this situation since we bound so early.
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