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Originally posted by CaCarmen
How essential is the sidestep to the setup? I see in that video the player sidesteps everytime before doing it (except at the end where he gets a flip over launch).

Based on the tests I did. When you ss during Tag Assault you increase the likelihood of you getting the whole setup right, because the enemy is now slightly off axis and this situation allows your first character to jump to the other side more easily. And the launcher hitting your enemy from their side or their back.

However if you don't sidestep during the TA you may push the enemy further from Chreddy, thus making the launcher whiff. You may be able to still travel to other side, but the opponent is too far from Christie/Eddy/Tiger.

It's really weird situation. One that needs a visual aid to be understood.

Speaking of weird situations I repeated the same setup near the wall, and this setup becomes blockable in a way I didn't expect at all. I used Christie & Eddy, did the TA 3~4,3, then when the controls was back to Xtie I pressed 3~4, but her low sweep was blockable just by holding back after tech rolling. The low sweep made a contact from the enemy's front side but it was blockable. It was like Namco made auto guard to prevent people from using Tag Assaults to attack low and mid at the same time(unblockable, the MvC3 way).

and here's another strange occurrence where an opponent could block an attack that came from behind

Originally posted by CaCarmen
If they don't tech we could do a reset with the first character. Though its not much damage... is safe to sideroll because when the opponent siderolls the launcher misses.

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