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Have you seen this video?
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Eddy (Christie) Back Attack Tag Assault Combo

by conanzzang

People have been discussing it on another thread, so I know many of you have seen it.

Thus I went to practice mode, tried to figure how this works, and this is what I learned:
- start your combo
- start Tag Assault right away
- do Eddy/Christie/Tiger TA 3~4....then wait until you can control your first character(one that starts the combo), then you press 3
- Chreddy will do 3~4,3....and you'll be able to freely move your other character.
- then that mid launcher will hit the enemy when he/she tech rolls
- you jump to the other side so that the kick can hit the opponent from behind or from the side.
- you'll get another combo opportunity and all you have to do is finish your combo.

Basically you do 3~4,3 during Tag Assault, and the last hit of that string hits the enemy when they Tech Roll. You jump to the other side to make the kick unblockable.

If you mash 3~4,3 you will keep controlling Christie/Eddy/Tiger then your other character will instead get out of the screen(tag out). The timing has to be precised so your first char stays on screen. It's not a just frame or anything like it. It's very relaxed.

I will try to explain this setup with more details after I record my gameplay in practice mode.
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