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f+3 is ok. It would be better if it high crushed the whole way instead of only near the beginning but its totally usable at +8.

ss+4 being NC would be lol so unfair. I'm afraid of Namco did that they would tone down the plus frames to like +3, at most. I actually like the way it is. Even if the second hit gets blocked your safe at good frames (I think jab can't be interrupted) and since the opponent is in FC, you can setup a backdash or even a deep sidestep into ss3+4_ss+4 to punish moves they throw out.

RLX1,3 is NC for like 30+ damage, why get rid of the second hit? I remember reading about how T4 players would use the first hit as a spacing tool (back when there was no second hit) but TT2 is really less about spacing and more about being aggressive with launchers...

100% agree with you about HSP tilt being much, much faster. It should at least be fast enough that a ws+4 is always uninterruptable. Either that, or it should not recover in FC, so I have access to b+2 and stuff if people want to press buttons on me.

I would like to see Rewinder back.
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