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Originally posted by LuizWsp Capoeira moves are usually whiffs, cause they dont use them normally in a fight. Overall, I think they look pretty legit capoeira fighters, except for the punches, but we gotta have those.

b+1+2 But seriously maybe a buff on 1+2 would be cool, I like how that move looks as well. Never actually see it used outside of CH 1+2~3.

I think they were originally going for a style that emphasized more HSP in T3_TT1, when RLX only lasted temporarily before going to full lie down. Even though we are now used to the modern Tekken capo style from T4 onwards, it would be cool to have one character that has the old T3_TT1 style... that would be a lot of fun.

I do hope they retain the tag feature as well, but I would like to see tag crash removed or at least weakened. Tag crash makes oki in this game a lot less important than other Tekkens and that is a shame as Capos are heavy oki characters. We may not get a lot of wall damage or combo damage in general, but we can rack up points with great setups for opponent's getting up who take ground damage, resets or relaunches if our reads are on point.

The wall combo thing is annoying. What I've found is if the opponent is going to W! after RLX2, we should either do RLX4,3+4~3 (so they W! after RLX4)... or if we do RLX2 we can only do RLX2,3 or just RLX2 and pressure wakeup (or the super old setup of RLX2,[4] into slippery kicks). If they wall before RLX2 and after b+3,3 we should do RLX3+4~3 to bound them. But this stuff screws up often due to the slow speed of the 3+4~3 transition...

4~3 (satellite moon!) seems good after ws+4 on hit. At that advantage it trades with jabs, but opponents won't jab to be honest, and beats anything if the opponent comes in. If they don't then you get a nice retreat back. 4~3 also seems to hit people who ssl and has some weird jab crush property that I don't fully understand. 4~3,4 is actually -2 on block which is also really good (on paper)... if I could ever figure out how to use it.

On the list of buffs I wish f+3 high crushed all the way to when it makes contact. It actually has an early high crush but unlike db+4 it can be hit by highs late in the animation (just before it makes contact). If it high crushed all the way it could be a very good option at +6 (after df+1 on hit) since you would beat mids and crush highs.

Another thing I really, REALLY want is for HSP u_d to either 1) recover in standing or 2) recover faster. I get so many good reads with the HSP sidestep but if the opponent is mashing all I can do is block since my recovery is super slow. At least in standing I could attempt to use b+2 or db+1+2. Though I guess I could just do the continued sidestep back into HSP...
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