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Well what you guys posted are pretty reasonable. I like the d+4,3 feint idea

Of the top of my main wish list is to make them more accurate to capoeira? maybe remove a permanent Rlx stance to a temp one like Leo's d+1+2? maybe it could look more like the beginning of db+3+4?

Make 4~3 a homing move? and make it safer..Seriously...a capoeira signature move that is completely useless in the game...

db+4,4~3 - basically db+4 into 4~3

Hsp d+3 change to TTT2U Tiger's ws2,3 that bounds? so you can do Rlx 4~3 Hsp d+3B! something in that sense since we want Hsp 1 back.

uf+4 animation change to SF Elena's Rhino Horn? since it's not a homing move anyway...making it homing MIGHT be too good...but then again...Yoshi's uf+4 is homing and B!...

a 12 frame knd punisher f+2,3 high mid...slap to ariel cartwheel backwards (similar to Elena's Scratch Wheel) make it -20 for all i care...

I've been redesigning Capo's move list for a while now...want to make something that's more accurate to actual Capoeira...less Rlx and Handstand should play a bigger part. Also 1+2 rewinder = Esquiva Stance (eg. 1,2~u or d put them in Esquiva Stance. Similar to Jun's 1,2~u or d) Esquiva Stance can also be used in combos (eg. df+3,1+2 Esquiva 2, df+3 into ss 2,4) Relax stance should also be called Negativa.

Eg on Combo:

CH df+2 b+3,3 Neg 2,3+4B! df+3~1+2 2,4
so basically same start but Neg 2,3+4 = Rlx 2 into Elena's Mallet Smash bound.

So Capo's combo looks flashier

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