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So Tekken Tag 2 has been out for over two years now (and I'm 'celebrating' my second anniversery playing the game). That's not a lot of time, but given how its a continuation of the BR system we already have a pretty good idea of how Capos perform in this game. So I thought it would be a nice idea to have a 'wishlist' of sorts. Obviously Namco is not going to check TZ for advice but, you know, Chreddy forums have been kind of low on activity so maybe this sort of thread will get people talking again about the character. Anyway here's some of the stuff I would like to see:

First of all, the big one that we wished about in the run up to TT2, seeing Christie and Eddy made into two different characters with slightly different movelists. Give Eddy HSP walk and make his RLX like TT1 style, something to spice it up. Either that or get rid of one character and combine all the good points into a single character. Kinda don't know how Namco will take this.

Make df+1~f +4 on hit, that way our HSP 2 or HSP d+3 will trade or beat mid attacks, making our guessing game a little stronger. Can still be beaten by jabs so I don't think it would be too overpowered. Keep the frames the same (-6) on block.

Allow RLX 4~3 to give the same trip it did in BR. We had so many cool combo options back in the day, with HSP 2, HSP f+1 and RLX 2 (and a few others I'm sure). I'm sure the current HSP f+3+4 could even be a consistant combo option if it knocked down the way it used too.

Bring back bound on db+1+2 and f,f+3+4 (assuming the next game keeps bounds). I mean, why not? Also a little more advantage on a blocked f,f+3+4 would be nice.

Remove the new HSP 1 and bring back the old HSP 1 (with options to go into weed whacker extensions). The new HSP bound is really a big let down. It is admittingly cool wall carrying an opponent with df+1,1 df+1~f W! HSP 1! I guess but it does like, very average damage and the animation is all sorts of silly. Old HSP 1 on the other hand, could be very cool if they tweaked it a bit. Make it a little less plus on hit than HSP 2, but let it put Chreddy in standing position (unlike HSP 2 which recovers crouching) and we could have two really good, similar looking mid pokes from HSP for super confusion and great mixup on hit or block. I guess HSP 1,3,4 NC in BR (can someone confirm that?) was a little silly so I wouldn't mind if they got rid of that.

Bring back the old CH stun on FC db+4 from BR. I wouldn't mind if they made it a breakable stun, but only if they change the break system so you can only break with forward (the fact that you can break with back means stun moves get broken by chance FAR too often).

Either let the extension of ff+2,3 trip on natural hit or give the same frame advantage as a CH df+4. It was a silly string ever since its introduction but the fact that it led to a juggle in BR means you could throw it out and gave some value to ff+2 as a poke. Now it's like mad worthless.

Increase the damage on f+4 so it sparks. This is a personal preference, but I seriously think this is one of Capo's coolest looking moves and the second best looking bound (after uf+3), but the fact that it does such little damage means there's never a reason to use it (it's not like a point or two less than uf+1+2 or f+3, it's less by a big deal, probably even less than 1+2+5 I bet). I mean, a kick like that should knock someone flat cold. It's not like this move is quick enough to hit people randomly.

Pushback on a successful df+2 reduced to the way it was in BR. No more qcf+3 oki hit whiffing randomly.

Make d+3~4 unparryable again. Once again, why not? The move is still slow enough to be random hopkicked and that's the big deterrent to doing lows in Tekken, not random low parries. Unparryable lows are great because they allow you to mess with opponents who are used to buffering low parries as a habit.

Give f+3+4 a little better tracking on tech rolls. This is a super old school thing I picked up from T5 vids of Noodalls, but in that game f+3+4 could be used as a tech catch after a f+2,1,4 or RLX f+3+4... if the opponent teched to one specific direction. Now tech rolls are safe, but f+3+4 still makes contact with the opponent (and launches them if they duck or do a move) if they tech roll in one direction. However it whiffs if they tech to the opposite side. Now, assuming we keep tech rolls safe, I think it would be cool to let this move track both sides on tech roll, that way if we guess our opponent is going to tech roll (and at the end of the day, it's going to be a guess) we get a good mixup between a safe (but still very minus) launcher and a low_throw. Its limited range means the places where you can use it to apply pressure are very limited, anyway.

b+1,4 returns to TT2 (vanilla) properties. It's going to happen and honestly, I wouldn't mind it, as the move was never intended to be a CH string when it first came out. In the arcade we used it as a way to get into HSP safely (i14 and +1 into HSP, it was already better than f+3_f+4_3+4,3_df+1~f on block). I am actually in the bandwagon of people who believes this move is a little stupid as an NCC since online Capos (and Tokido) basically just do it like, every, five seconds. I'd like to see Capo players awarded for move diversity.

Reduce the damage b+1 does. Kind of lame how doing a b+1 after a launcher does the same damage as doing a qcf+3 does, given how easy it is and how it works after launchers where qcf+3 would not hit. Reduce it by enough that it does 1 point less in juggles, not a big loss.

Unreasonable? buffs:
Bring back the old d+4 (the current FC4) This move is i13? That's crazy for how much range and tracking power (it seriously feels like a homing move) it has. i13 means that after a succesful df+1 on hit we can do this and stuff hopkick attempts before they even start up. This might be a little strong given Namco's design philosophy of weakening lows in each successive game but it would be super cool. Yes I realize the move can be done from FC and its still good, but being able to do it from standing means you can incorporate into flowcharts and in general, use it quite a bit more than you would otherwise.

Was Rewinder step really broken or something? I'm still not sure why they got rid of it. Since 1+2 is now a move maybe we can just map it to b+1+2 (which is a pointless thing to keep, was it faster than standing 1 in the old games or something?)

Make 1+2 a consistant punish. Is this too much? I think the idea is to keep Capo's standing punishment weak and force us to either do jab cross, f+2,1 or standing 4 for little damage and poor pressure options or just a standing jab for great pressure options and no damage... But I guess 34 or whatever damage this gives would be a bit too much.


Doesn't it looks like d+4,3 could feint or transition into HSP??

That's really all I can think of. Outside of these things I'm actually quite happy with Capos, I love HSP 2 and the HSP transitions into RLX, and the stuff we can do in RLX. Thier standing game (including punishing and the way thier standing moves leave them on hit and on guard) is a little weak but the character isn't built around playing a standing game anyway. I'm curious what other people look forward to in the next Tekken (assuming they keep our character).

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