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Originally posted by dr4g0n
uf3,2 is horribly unsafe when used against the wall. Both the uf3 itself, and the uf3,2 are punishable, and cancelling into FLY or DUAL BOOT screams "Float me for a free juggle". Also, even if the uf3 hits, the stun is breakable, so all you get is damage. Risk vs very little reward.

I use uf+3,2 after a db+4 if they try to quickrise. I don't know why would they quickrise after getting hit by db+4, but if they do, uf+3,2 does a big chunk of damage and you can even follow it up with another db+4.

when they get hit by uf+3 normally they can hold d to fall down and reduce damage from the 2 but they cannot do that if the uf+3 hits them in the back, as it does after db+4 hits if they try to quickrise.

This is bit of a stupid finding but her sidethrows and backthrow will deal 1 extra point of damage if you do them as uf+1+2. eg. uf+1+2 at their left or right side will do 41 instead of 40. No idea why

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