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1. QCF+1
Feng's best move imo! This move has gotten me lots of wins. Very underused!

2. uf+2
I find that I usually win the match when I remember to use uf+2. It stuffs out everything the opponent does. Especially good after a blocked df+1 or blocked 4~3.

3. df+1
Essential for a good Feng.

4. f+1,1,2
My favorite poke with Feng. If the second hit is a CH, the third hit should whiff, and Feng gets a combo.

5. d,DF,N,3~Tag
iWS+3~Tag is a great long range whiff punisher, not too bad on block.

6. d+2
High crushing low poke. 22 points of damage, only -12 on block, 0 on hit, knockdown on CH!

7. 4~3
Like a Devil Jin u+4, 4~3 high and low crushes. 0 on block, hits grounded, tons of range, 33 points of damage, knockdown on CH.

8. WS+4
Feng's WS+4 can be done as d,DF,N,4 or QCF+4. I just like iWS+4 more than iWS+1 since it does more damage. Thats just me.

9. BT d+4
Comes out too fast to see! Great after a 1,2,2,b punish.

10. 2,4
I almost never use the third hit of the 2,4,1 string, but I use 2,4 a ton! Great poke!

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