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Hey guys, I've been neglecting this thread for quite a while, and it's rather silly of me to do so.

Now that the guide is mainly finished and I don't have exams for a little while, I think we should get started on this again.

I do not play every single character (but I do play a decent amount), therefore I cannot comment to the best of my ability, about how you should play against those characters.
Plus, I don't have a console, so I cannot check the punishing list accurately - the best I can do is use the frame data and have a general look at the frame data and tell what punish could be useful from there.

This is where you guys come in.

If everyone here does two characters, and I do around 10, we can get a healthy chunk done in a jiffy. And punishing lists don't take very long (an hour and a half at max, for characters with long movelists and stances). Please guys. Help me out on this one. It does not take extremely long. One whole evening and you can probably get two or three characters done. That's a respectable chunk.

I want our Baek forums to be as full of knowledge as possible. This time, I REALLY need you guys' help. So please, help.

As any other thing, the info in here is not set in stone - if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please post in here or the strategy thread.

Also requesting that this gets stickied.
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