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Nah he's fine as he is. They only thing I'd like is for DE is cancel 'smoother' like how you cancel a CD. Enable him to a faster WD. From that you can do like 10 moves.
b+1 is a solid homing move btw. I'd like less neg frame from block, his momentum is killed instantly if they block that move, perhaps trim a frame or two off, then again it is his OS move when you're at +6.
I remember MYK saying he'd like 1,1,1 as a NCc. My only concern regards the possible removal of he Bound mechanic. His juggle capabilities will be severely hindered (more so any other characters if bound is removed from the next iteration, he won't be able to pre load any extra hits or do df1 as a stretch before db2SE1. If so give him new moves to aid this).