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As per Star Saber's request in the hit confirm thread.

Again this is something that is very straightforward to investigate with a programmable setup, but almost impossible to do otherwise (visual analysis would probably work, but then I'm pretty much the only person who does that anyway).

If people post their moves in the appropriate format I will report back the properties for when the move is cancelled.

What you post - for example, Jun's f+2~d


What I post

Where 77 is the last frame on which the move can be cancelled, and 92 is the recovery for the move having been cancelled. (No those numbers are not real, I'm not at home to test at the moment). I suspect moves will have a single point at which they can be cancelled, but if there is an early or late cancel point, or anything else specific to know, make note of it in your post.

I'm very free to test this week, and then for the forseeable next 2 months will have limited time, so will try to test a bunch of things at once.

If people don't post full notations/frame data, expect to keep waiting for information until that changes.

If people don't follow the formatting, it means I have to reformat to make a combined post, which wastes my time.