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At the wall you can do d/b+4, FCd/f+2,d/f+1, WS4 for 47dmg. Does anyone have a better combo out of it?

d/b+4, cc d/b+1+2,1+2,2 works and it's flashy, but does only 43dmg.

If you just wanna bring the other bear, then d/b+4, WS2~5 (31dmg) is a "safe" and easy way to do it.
d/b+4. cc BTP~5 (35dmg) also works, but it's less consinstent.

In the open, sometimes I like to use d/b+4, cc d/f+4, f+1, b+1~3+4 (46dmg) for HBS pressure.

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